I’ve finally got the trifecta!

I never really post about gear, but I'm super pleased that I have finally acquired my 3 dream lenses: the Nikkor AF 50mm 1.4D, the Nikkor AF 85mm 1.8*, and the Micro-Nikkor AF 105mm 2.8D. The 50mm is shown here mounted on my Nikon F80. (*I thinkย Iย would have preferred the D version, but there's hardly … Continue reading I’ve finally got the trifecta!


Canon AE-1 Program + expired Tudor 100 film

This roll was shot @ ISO 50, and the negatives were developed and scanned by Photo Express, my favourite photo lab EVER. Looking at these images, I probably could still have exposed the roll at ISO 100, but I had no idea when the film had expired, nor had I stored it particularly well, so … Continue reading Canon AE-1 Program + expired Tudor 100 film